Merhaba Misafir

Attention! student voice: Providing students with digital learning materials before scheduled lectures improves learning experience


This article presents the outcome of research into student experience in accessing digital lecture content before scheduled lectures. The present study explored the extent to which providing students with lecture materials before scheduled lectures influence class attendance. A survey was designed and administered to self-selected students (n=75), enrolled in a first-year Health Science course at a research-intensive University in New Zealand. Students mostly reported that access to digital lecture materials before scheduled lecture contributed immensely to learning. In particular, benefits reported included: better preparation for scheduled lectures, better note-taking during lectures, active engagement with content and the lecturer. Further, the study found that providing students with lecture materials before scheduled lectures did not directly influence attendance. This research contributes to the growing significance of the student's voice in shaping the design and optimisation of learning environments in higher education. It appeals to a need for continuous pedagogical transformation by dynamic and diverse student learning needs.

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : TOJET The Turkish Online Journal Of Educational Technology
  • Yıl : 2019
  • Cilt : 18
  • ISSN : 2146-7242
  • Sayı : 3
  • Sayfa Aralığı : 1-9
  • IO Kayıt No : 98550
  • Yayıncı : Sakarya Üniversitesi Yayınları