Merhaba Misafir

The effect of intraoperative fluid volume on postoperative vomiting in pediatric patients undergoing otorhinolaryngological surgery


Introduction: Intravenous fluid therapy is recommended in international guidelines to prevent the postoperative nause and vomiting in children. But the proper amount of fluid therapy is not clear yet. The aim of this observational study is to evaluate the effect of intraoperative intravenous fluid administration on postoperative vomiting in children after adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy and adenotonsillectomy. Methods: 160 children, aged between 2-10 years, undergoing elective adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy and adenotonsillectomy under general anaesthesia were randomized to administration of intraoperative infusions of low-volume (group 1=10 ml/kg/h) or high volume (group 2=20/ml/kg/h) 0.9% NaCl solution. A standardized anaesthesia protocol was performed. The vomiting and pain scores of all patients were evaluated. Results: The frequency of vomiting in patients who received limited fluid in group 1 was significantly higher than those in group 2 at first and 15th minute in post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). The Children’s Hospital East Ontario Pain Scale (CHEOPS) scores at 1st and 15th minutes of PACU were significantly higher in group 2 than in group 1 (p=0.021, p=0.026) However, no significant difference was found between the two groups regarding CHEOPS scores at the further time-points. Discussion and Conclusion: Our results suggest that intraoperative administration of 0.9% NaCl solution at a rate of 20 ml/kg/ h can be useful in reducing mild vomiting complaint in the postoperative first and 15th minutes in children undergoing adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, and adenotonsillectomy

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : Journal of Contemporary Medicine