Merhaba Misafir

“Der Ewige Vater”


In this essay, we have to research in the works of three important writers the father image. Two of these writers are from Turkey: Oğuz Atay and Orhan Pamuk. One from Germany: Franz Kafka. We research in different types of Literaturespecies the father image. The type of Pamuk's work is Nobel Priesinterview. The conversation is also kind of literature and was first printed. This interview is then published as a book. The other author is Oğuz Atay, turkish writer and has in his narratives a short story called “Letter to my Father”. The other species is a letter from Franz Kafka calledn “Letter to the Father”. With the help of pschoanalysis the works are analyzed. To what extent does the father shows in the works; whether the father told strictly by all writers. With the help of Sigmund Freuds pschological investigation the father image in the works are analyzed. What kind of father describe the writers in their work: Good or bad father. How is the impression of the father's influence on the sons. In this essay are this questions answered.

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