Merhaba Misafir

A buchet from disciplines: SSSM (social sciences – science – mathematics)


The aim of this study is to develop a unique application based on a combination of distinct disciplines brought together by thematic approach in Social Studies course. This study investigated the effect of a developed application on students' academic achievement and creative thinking skills. Interviews were conducted with students. Of mixed methods, the Embedded Design was the research model of choice as it is dominated by the quantitative approach and supported by the qualitative approach. The “Torrance Test of Creative Thinking” was used to quantitatively collect data on the change in students' creative thinking skills while "Academic Achievement Test Questions" were developed to collect data on the change in students' academic achievement. "Semi-structured Interview Forms" and "Student Detective Files" were the qualitative data collection tools used in the study. The former enabled students to evaluate the process while the latter included activities prepared within the scope of the application. Results show that the application caused a statistically significant difference in creative thinking skills and academic achievement. Interviews reveal that experimental group positively assessed all designed activities. Activities positively affected students' feelings and thoughts towards social sciences and Social Studies course. Students associated the social science course with different disciplines (Sciences, Turkish, Mathematics, Religion, Law, Health, Safety etc.).

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