Merhaba Misafir

Effect of viscosity parameter on the numerical simulation of reinforced concrete deep beam behavior


In the study, a parametric nonlinear finite element (FE) study is performed in order to investigate sensitivity of viscosity parameter on numerical simulation of RC deep beam behavior. For this objective; a numerical verification of an existing experimental study of a deep beam is conducted by using ABAQUS software with varied values of viscosity parameter. Results of the experimental and numerical studies are compared in terms of load-displacement behaviors, and rate of convergence and calculation time of the numerical models. Selection of an optimum viscosity parameter and its definition to FE model improves significantly performance of convergence and reduces analysis time of numerical simulations of RC deep beams.

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : TOJSAT The Online Journal Of Science And Technology
  • Yıl : 2018
  • Cilt : 8
  • ISSN : 2146-7390
  • Sayı : 3
  • Sayfa Aralığı : 50-56
  • IO Kayıt No : 74861
  • Yayıncı : Sakarya Üniversitesi Yayınları