Merhaba Misafir

A comparison is aimed at the integration of the technology in education system; as an example of “Turkey and South Korea”


Rapid developments in Information Communication and Technology [ICT] around the world affect education systems like every aspects of our lives. With the FATİH Project carried out in Turkey, ICT‘s effect goes toward a new process. It is expected that while the rapid developments are experienced in our country, knowing how these processes experienced in developed countries not only affects the application process of FATİH Project but also contributes to it. The goal of this study is to evaluate, together with computer and communication technology (ICT) of Republic of Korea that offers model applications in the world, the integration process of FATİH Project which is in the application process in Turkey. Document analysis method is used as a Data collection tool while as an approach descriptive scanning is preferred in this study. According to the findings from this study both of countries have similar and different aspects. While hardware, software ant networks show most similar aspects, teacher training and certification systems, context form and management, e-learning standards are the most important differences. There exist necessary suggestions about education of teacher and content of the teacher’s education in this study for authorities and anyone concerns.

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : Eğitim ve Bilim