Merhaba Misafir

Analysis of Occupational Accidents According to The Sectors in Turkey


Occupational accidents lead to serious problems in Turkey and in many other countries. The most important results of occupational accidents are deaths, injuries or disabilities. In addition, many other important workrelated accidents cause serious financial losses. As it is all around the world, there are certain sectors in which occupational accidents mostly occur. Taking the number of accidents, the number of permanent incapacities and the number of deaths into account, these sectors can be listed as Mining, Metal, and Construction. These three sectors are indicated as the priority sectors by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Security in terms of the struggle against occupational accidents. When the data on the accidents at work between 2004 and 2010 is analyzed, it is seen that 46,4% of the accidents and 41,1% of the deaths in Turkey occurred only in these three sectors. Therefore, examining these three sectors would enable to reveal their specific problems regarding occupational safety. In this study, using the accident data from the year 2004 to 2010 by SSI (Social Security Institution), all the accidents which occurred in Turkey and the accidents specifically in Mining, Metal and Construction sectors were compared in terms of the parameters, which are also used by the international accident statisticians. (Since it has not been completed yet, the accident data on the year 2011 was not included in this study.)

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : Gazi University Journal of Science
  • Yıl : 2012
  • Cilt : 25
  • ISSN : 2147-1762
  • Sayı : 4
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  • IO Kayıt No : 20234
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