Merhaba Misafir

16th Century Status Of Populatıon And Economıc Lıfe In Iskenderıye


Iskenderiye –called Skadra by Albanians, Skudari by Italians and called Iskenderiye and Ishkodra in Cihannüma, İskenderiyye in archive of Priministry Ottoman tahrir books- is gotten under control of Rome Empire B.C. 168 and became capital of Geuius who is king of Illirya. After getting under control of Rome Empire for a long time, Iskenderiye is taken by Serbian Kingdom in 13 and 14th centuries, became capital of Serbian Balsha Dynasties between 1366-1396 and taken by Venetians in 1421. Balkan Rumeli Grand seigneur tried to take Iskenderiye when Ottoman Empire was conquering Balkans but he failed in 1474. With the effects of being on a step and high position, by using a new bullet which brings out dense fog and smoke, with participation of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the city is taken in 1479. After receiving Iskenderiye in 1479, Venetian has accepted a debt for 100.000 dukas and paying taxes in return for open-door trade with the deal between Ottoman Empire and Venetian. As a strategic importance, after the conquest Iskenderiye was became a starboard. During the conquests in Balkans, empty territories ar crowded with the requirement of resettlement policy where they are exposed to intense migration and settlement actions. After war, population placed who came from country side in return for populatio who left the city and also this replaced population contributed to Islamization process. In Iskenderiye Kanunnames goods which came to market place and forms like“Ta’rif-i bâc-ı bazar”, variety of these goods and mobility of trade can be identified. In addition to that by taking based on 1485, 1496 and 1570 deed-Tahrir books, Muslim and non-Muslim population, taxes, income levels and community’s source of income will be evaluated by dealing with occupational groups.

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