Merhaba Misafir

Agrıcultural Educatıon In Bangladesh Open Unıversıty


This paper discusses the status of agricultural education in Bangladesh Open University. The need for transfer of updated agricultural technology is at the top of the agricultural policy of the country. Research institutes are usually generates Technology; it is transferred through different extension approaches and mass media to the learners and farmers. The Bangladesh Open University (BOU) is to expand all levels of education in different fields. The School of Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) of BOU is to impart education through distance mode comprising formal and non-formal programs in the field of agriculture and rural development. The learning procedure also includes tutorial supported audio and video programs. The School of Agriculture and Rural Development is offering four formal programmes namely, Bachelor of Agricultural Education (B.Ag.Ed), Diploma in Youth in Development Work (DYDW), Certificate in Livestock and Poultry (CLP) and Certificate in Pisciculture and Fish Processing (CPFP). Learners’ participation in the tutorial classes at tutorial centres (TCs) of SARD programmes is not satisfactory and missing practical sessions seriously hampers the learners. To improve the overall situation for ensuring quality of the SARD programmes that includes imposition of compulsion on the students to attend the practical sessions, emphasize on research facilities of faculty members, updating the study materials, timely distribution of learning materials, broadcast of media programmes and result publication.

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : TOJDEL (The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning)
  • Yıl : 2015
  • Cilt : 3
  • ISSN : 2147-6454
  • Sayı : 3
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  • IO Kayıt No : 15493
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