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Does transmedia started with film?


There is no one to be unimpressed by a well-told story. Stories can change even the most rigid, most stereotypical minds of people because their logic resistance "wanders around" the ego walls. We're witnessing is the emergence of a new form of narrative that’s native to the Internet. Told through many media at once in a nonlinear fashion, these new narratives encourage us not merely to watch but to participate, often engaging us in the same way that games do. Star Wars stands in a different place in content creation and marketing, it is possible to encounter all kinds of content in film’s official website. From the teaser series to fragments, interviews, comic books, art works by fans, events, games, and applications, there's a lot of content here, and more and more content continues to grow and expand. From the second and all subsequent films, we are given glimpses of different corners of the Star Wars universe on screen precisely so that material can be mined and developed through these other platforms. And these other creative developments sustained audience engagement across the long years. Transmedia storytelling , maybe, the end of a narration with a precise narrations with the beginning and the end. Star Wars, is a good example of transmedia narration. In this study Star Wars will be examined with it’s transmedia storytelling activities. The answer of the “Does Transmedia Started with Film?” will be searched by taking the Star Wars to the center of the study.

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