Merhaba Misafir

The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication (TOJDAC)

Design, art and communication are evaluated together since they are interdisciplinary fields. It is not possible to understand design as a mode of communication without considering design theories and design principles. The design works that do not have an artistic point of view and/or the art works that do not have design principles and design theories can not exist. In addition to these, art or design is known as a communication activity. As a result these three fields are intertwined and essential for one another. Tojdac, which was first published after Visualist 2012 International Congress on Visual Culture at Istanbul Kültür University, is an online journal that publishes original research papers and solicits review articles on developments in these three fields. The scientific board consists of the Visualist 2012 scientific committees. In this context, Tojdac is qualified as an “international peer-reviewed journal”. It is a peer-reviewed international journal published four times a year. Each volume has a different theme and a guest editor. Themes and subheads that are chosen under the main topic of “Design, Art and Communication” are determinants in choosing and publishing articles. The aim of Tojdac is to create a source for academics and scientists who are doing research in the arts, design and communication that feature formally well-written quality works. And also create a source that will contribute and help develop the fields of study. Accordingly, Tojdac’s intentions are on publishing articles and scientific works which are guided by a scientific quality sensibility.
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Yıl :2019 Cilt : 9 Sayı: 4 Sayfa Aralığı : 464 - 472
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