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Effective Classroom Management Practices


  • Yıl :2014
  • Yazar(lar) : Volkan Çiçek
  • Editör(ler) :
  • Yayıncı : İdeal Kültür Yayıncılık
  • İçerik Türü : Kitap
  • ISBN :9786055729479
  • Konular : Eğitim Bilimleri

Classroom management is an area, which was always seen as the key to becoming a successful teacher. Besides, most also associate the success in classroom management with the success of the youth th at is the next generation, which is the reason why the increasing rate of classroom management problems, especially with regards to student discipline, worry the most. None can deny the cultural dimension in having such worries. For instance, being in the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey always had elements of both cultural systems in its educational system. However, it is difficult to deny its dimension with regards to traditional teacher centered teaching, in which the teacher is the authoritarian figure enlightening students and the students m ust kept quiet and listen. The falsehood of this type of education is no matter an issue of discussion; however most educators, parents and policy makers also know th at rules and discipline are required n o t as tools to oppress kids b u t as tools to liberate them since only via established reasonable rules that m ake sense students may know what to do choosing from a variety of behavior alternatives th at are presented to them. Otherwise w ithout rules and w ithout order, we cannot talk about a reproducible effective system of education yielding students who possess the knowledge and skills, and also the associated ethical values to be able to use them for the sake of community they are in and for the sake of humanity at large.


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